CU Announces New Criminal Justice Program

FCSO CU Press Conference-28
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Carolina University and the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office formally solidified their partnership for a new, state-of-the-art Criminal Justice program via Press Conference in July. This groundbreaking program which was designed by Executive Vice President Sandeep Gopalan, President Charles Petitt, and Sheriff Bobby Kimbrough is making waves across the higher education and law enforcement spectrum. What makes this degree so unique is the collaboration between the academic and the practitioner. Every course of the program is created with input from the Sheriff’s Office so that its relevancy and applicability are at the cutting edge. This program will start in the Fall of 2019, and expects 25-30 incoming students.

“Sheriff Bobby Kimbrough said the sheriff’s office would be providing ‘sweat equity,’ giving students access to officers who have years of law-enforcement experience. The curriculum will give students a ‘broad overview of the criminal-justice system,’ the sheriff’s office said, including legislation, law enforcement, courts, corrections, national security and terrorism.

It also will train students to deal with new technological threats emerging in the digital world.

That’s something we could all use.

Best of all, the program would prepare students for careers in a variety of areas involving the justice system, including law enforcement, legal assistance and national security.

The program has been endorsed by numerous sheriffs in the state, as well as local officials like Mayor Allen Joines and Forsyth County Board of Commissioners Chairman Dave Plyler.”¹

¹Winston-Salem Journal

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  1. I served as a sheriff’s chaplain for 12 years under four different sheriffs and I must say that this program is a must! It is important that students interested in criminal justice enter the field with a biblical worldview to promote the kind of change needed when addressing criminal behavior and practitioner wellness.

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