Historic Partnership Between CU and Morgan County Public Schools

Students in classroom
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Starting in August, juniors and seniors in all five Morgan County Public Schools will have the opportunity to learn the Bible through Carolina University. In an historic partnership made possible through the 2017 merger with Southeastern Bible College, CU will be welcomed into Alabama public schools to teach a course entitled “Survey of the Bible.”

This course will be designed to teach a comprehensive overview of the entire Bible, including the background, structure, and content of each biblical book. Students will be taught online through Piedmont’s learning management system and the course will be transferable as college credit.

“Two months after Governor Ivey signed the bill, public schools in Alabama can now offer classes studying the Bible. This fall, Morgan County High Schools will start offering a class on scripture.

‘This legislation just came out recently. The guidelines just came out very recently,’ Carolina University president Charles Petitt said.

Leaders from the Christian university in North Carolina offered to partner with Morgan County schools to offer a new course called ‘Survey of the Bible’. Families were invited to find out more about a new Bible course at the county school board meeting on Tuesday.”¹

The course will start on August 26th, 2019 for interested students.

You can find out more about this program at carolinau.edu/mcenroll


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