Dr. Jerry Hullinger, the New Dean of the Bowman School of Bible and Theology

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Exciting things are happening for Bible and Theology majors at Carolina University (CU). Piedmont is eager to announce theological and exegetical expert, Dr. Jerry Hullinger, as the new dean of the Bowman School of Bible and Theology. The School of Bible and Theology is anchored in the global mission of Carolina University which is to equip students for effective service as pastors, associate pastors, evangelists, missionaries, church education leaders, Bible College, and Seminary professors, authors, and Christian leaders through advanced biblical, theological, and professional studies (https://www.carolinau.edu/bowman-school-of-bible-and-theology)

Dr. Hullinger is no stranger to Piedmont. His teaching is renowned throughout campus and many students flock to his classes to be challenged in their faith and engage in sound theological teaching. Dr. Hullinger is a staunch supporter of sola scriptura and drives his students to think for themselves, sometimes with a touch of sarcasm, to find validation for their beliefs through objective handling of Scripture.  

His impact in the classroom can be attributed to his strong academic credentials and years of experience in leadership, scholarship, and educating. Dr. Jerry Hullinger completed his theological training at the historical, evangelical institutions of Moody Bible Institute and Dallas Theological Seminary. Upon graduation, he served as a pastor and then as a college/seminary professor and came to Piedmont in the fall of 2009. 

For Dr. Hullinger, this new position is not simply another venture to add to his resume or list of accomplishments. This opportunity, in Dr. Hullinger’s eyes, is all a part of God’s sovereign plan.

“I am a firm believer in the active providence of God in the life of a Christian. Whether we are aware of it or not, every day God is bringing events into our lives to prepare us for the next step he has for us.” 

As a pastor and professor, we asked Dr. Hullinger how the two roles go hand in hand and how his experience in both fields has prepared him to lead the school of Bible and Theology to create and impact more students for theological training. Hullinger explains,

“After finishing my Th.M., I felt strongly that I wanted to pastor a church, but also believed that pastors should be scholars and so I pursued the Th.D. Following this, I went into pastoral ministry and was privileged to experience the daily routines, challenges, and demands of a pastor in a local church. Unknown to me, as far as what I’m doing now, the academic side prepared me perfectly to now work at a school whose focus was the one thing I have been pursuing my entire life. The pastoral experience taught me how the doctrine is needed and how it works itself out in the church’s daily life. At the Bowman School of Bible & Theology, we are training individuals first and foremost to be Scriptural experts and scholars who will then be able to effectively serve in academia and in the local church.

With the help of this faculty, I hope to bring two things to the Bowman School of Bible and Theology: First, a solidifying of the doctrinal foundation and interpretive methodology that is unique to our School which is the basis for everything we do; and second, we want to engage in the theological and biblical discussion outside of the walls of our institution through various media so that people know who we are. I strongly believe that we can make a positive contribution as to informing people what the Scripture teaches.”

We are excited to have him on board as we look forward to the future of the school. If you want to learn more about Dr. Hullinger or more about the Bowman School of Bible and Theology follow the links.

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