US Department of Ed Approves Four New Degrees

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Carolina University is pleased to announce that the US Department of Education has approved four new degree programs: BA in Criminal Justice, BA in Interdisciplinary Studies, Bachelor of Business Administration, and Master of Arts in Bible Exposition. This approval process allows qualified students enrolling in these new degrees to receive Federal Financial Aid. President Charles Petitt commented, “As we continue to expand our academic repertoire and create degrees for a competent and future-focused workforce, we are thrilled to have approval from the Department of Education. Now students from all walks of life will have access to these cutting-edge degree programs. We fully expect a similar result in the future as we continue to expand.”

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  1. WOW! What a Blessing! My Alma Mater….These “Wonderful Happenings” are all a Testament to the fact that the Hand of God is on this Christian University and is being used of God to touch lives and raise up a Generation of Strong Christian Leaders who will make an Impact on our this Nation and our World for Jesus Christ! Amen & Amen!

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