Piedmont International University Dining Hall
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Students are raving about the new cafeteria experience on the campus of Carolina University this semester. Over the summer the school made the switch from their old food service provider to Aramark. 

In conjunction with the new food service the university has been busy making changes to the dining hall to enhance the experience for students, staff, and faculty. The new look includes fresh paints that represent our school’s colors, new tables, new dining signs, and appliances.

We took on the cafeteria during lunch hour to hear from the students about how they are enjoying the new experience!

“The new Aramark service has been quite an improvement from the previous food service. There is a considerable improvement in the consistency and quality of the food. There is an effort to make it better and the desserts are prepared fresh! Everything is fresh, freshly baked goods and fresh fruits!”

CU Senior | John-Caleb Ahern

“Out of the couple meals I have had here, the meal I have most enjoyed is today’s burgers and fries. It’s a bit more expensive but it is worth it.” 

CU Student | Andrew Ashby

“The food quality is good and they actually have enough food for everybody which is something I appreciate.”

CU Senior | Eric

“The food is really good! The spaghetti has been my favorite so far!”

CU Freshman | Emily 

“I really like the food. It’s really good! It’s been enjoyable to have all the different meals!”

CU Freshman | Austin

“I really like that we have more space and that the colors are more vivid. We have a more welcoming atmosphere and we have more tables”

CU Student | Victor

“I’m thrilled with the improvement and the cleanliness of the new set up. As far as favorite food, I would have to go with the desserts.”

CU Staff | Bonnie McDaniels

I think the new service is great! It’s way better than what our old service was offering us! This is far better! And what they have done to spruce up the cafeteria cosmetically is amazing. Like the CU dining signs and the painting on the walls. It’s come a long way.”

CU Staff | Todd Matthews

We even got a word in from our very own Dean of Campus and Spiritual Life, Pastor Jeff Clawson. Jeff was the one who announced the new food service during the end of spring semester of 2019 and he was worked hard to give the students a delightful dining experience. 

“I love that Aramark combines high-quality, consistent food service with a desire to serve our students. The food is great and Aramark has quickly become part of the CU family!”

Jeff Clawson

It’s exciting to see our bruin family respond so positively to the new changes. If you haven’t already, give CU cafeteria a try! 

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