Gopalan Pens Op-Ed on Immigration Proclamation

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Dr Sandeep Gopalan, Vice Chancellor and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, authored a new op-ed article in the Hill about the President’s proclamation on immigration. The proclamation seeks to suspend entry for certain immigrants they do not possess health insurance or adequate financial means to cover medical expenses.

The opinion article notes that the “proclamation would merely put the United States on par with other countries that mandate health care coverage for certain categories of immigrant visa applicants. For example, Australia requires many categories of visa applicants to show evidence of health insurance before granting a visa. The Australian government’s mandate for immigrants to provide evidence of health insurance is based on protecting its citizens from “public health and safety risks,” its desire to “control” welfare expenditure on “social security benefits, allowances and pensions,” and to ensure that citizens and lawful residents get adequate access to “scarce” medical services.”

Click here to read the full article.

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