VC Publishes article on Uber Self-driving Car Death Investigation Report

Volvo Cars and Uber present production vehicle ready for self-driving
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Carolina University’s Vice Chancellor and Executive VP, Dr Sandeep Gopalan, published an article in the Khaleej Times, the leading broadsheet newspaper in the Middle East region, today. His opinion piece focused on the recently released NTSB investigation report into the fatal crash involving a self-driving car in Arizona. Here’s an extract from the article:

Remember Elaine Herzberg? While Ms Herzberg was the first person to be killed by a self-driving car in March 2018, hers is not the first life to be sacrificed in the name of human progress. Automakers, regulators, and the average punter pursuing the liberating fantasy of autonomous vehicles must learn from the final investigation report into Herzberg’s death. Here’s what and why.

To recollect, on a fine evening in the Arizona desert with no adverse weather conditions, Herzberg was struck and killed by a Volvo SUV operated by Uber as she was jaywalking under the influence of drugs. Understanding why Herzberg died requires knowledge of how self-driving cars work and what went wrong that day.

The full article is available at the Khaleej Times by clicking here.

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  1. Excellent report! I know the tech is not there yet but soon we will be sitting in cars and not driving. Lots of bugs to be worked out for sure..but it’s coming. Cheers. Dave.

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