Giving Tuesday Day 10: Ten Alabama Public School Students

Day 10
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On the tenth day of Giving Tuesday my Piedmont shared with me TEN Alabama public school students.

The Alabama legislature passed legislation this summer approving the right to teach Bible in Alabama public schools if they meet certain criteria. Prior to the passage of that legislation, Carolina University had previously developed a great relationship with Morgan County due to the merger of Southeastern Bible College located in Birmingham, AL.

When the law was passed this summer, CU contacted the county, and they agreed to go into partnership with the university. After CU President Dr. Charles Petitt visited every public high school in Morgan County and met with every principal and many school guidance counselors, the University decided to launch this pilot program in cooperation with them. Ten Morgan County public school students enrolled. Generous donors came forward to provide scholarships to cover Piedmont’s affordable dual enrollment tuition. This allows the students to take college level Bible without any tuition expenses to them. They are getting high school credit for this elective in their public schools, and they are getting college credit at Piedmont that they can transfer to any college that will accept the Bible credits. Please let us know if you would like to help us in a significant way to expand this program across the entire state of Alabama and other states that are considering similar legislation. 

Your gift today or on “GivingTuesday” will empower Carolina University to continue to take advantage of this opportunity and to expand its role in providing public school students in Alabama with the opportunity to study God’s word and receive dual enrollment credit.

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