Media Article on the Impeachment of President Trump

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Carolina University’s Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, Prof Sandeep Gopalan, published an opinion piece in the Khaleej Times discussing the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump. Here are some excerpts from the article:

Remember King Pyrrhus? House Democrats in the United States might wish to brush up on their history and read about the progenitor of the term ‘pyrrhic victory’ as they preen with self-righteousness after recommending the impeachment of President Donald Trump this week.

Like King Pyrrhus, the Democrats may find the impeachment giving Trump supporters new force in the coming election war of 2020. If Nancy Pelosi’s Democrats need a more contemporary parallel, the ruinous defeat of Jeremy Corbyn and the ‘Remainers’ in the 2019 election after they won Brexit battles serves well.

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