Utilize Existing Connections When Finding Jobs

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As you think about internships and jobs, think about the people to whom you are already connected.   Make the most of those relationships in planning for what‘s next.

“Of those (college students) who had previous internships, 43% had relied on family connections to land an interview.”

 “Before you just start reaching out to everyone you can possibly think of, take a step back to refine your goals and identify exactly what you want out of the networking experience. That way, you can be sure you’re spending your time (and everyone else’s) well, and focusing on meaningful connections.”
Teen Vogue

 “Your relationship will dictate the best way to make that initial contact (if it’s your uncle who you’re close with, the conversation will be much more casual than if it’s your sister’s coworker who you’ve never met), but regardless, make sure you’re always polite and professional.”
Teen Vogue

“A networking phone call or meeting may not technically be a formal interview, but you should prepare for it like it is. Read up on the person you’re meeting with, the company he or she works for, and the industry; and be ready to talk about your own experience and goals.”
Teen Vogue

“Never forget that. […] You are part of the first digital native generation in history — the potential employer knows that and is going to measure the speed and quality of your follow-up with equal attention to what you said in the room and how you presented yourself.”
Teen Vogue

“Networking is a long game beyond immediate openings. Set calendar reminders to keep in touch with contacts.”
Teen Vogue

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