Best Practices with Faculty Mentors

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Having faculty mentors can contribute to a richer college experience. Although mentoring involves a two-sided relationship, here are some practices you can institute in order to make the most of it.

“Participate in any on-campus social events or optional programs that suit your passion. As a result, you will be able to interact with professors that have an interest in shared topics and could be great mentors for you.”
– Best Value Schools

“You should never try to make every professor a mentor, but you will want to develop mentoring relationships with at least one professor during your freshman year.”
– Best Value Schools

“Live in the present instead of scrolling on your phone or browsing through your laptop. Actively engaging in class helps connect to your professor and peers; allows you to digest the material more easily; and ensures you’re getting your monies worth – remember, you’re paying to be in class.”
– Martha Zegarra

“To be unforgettable, professors need to see more effort than scoring high on exams and turning in assignments alone. Make it a point to show them your personality and intellect. Do this by attending office hours, asking questions after class, seeking advice on how to go about classwork, engaging in additional discussion to class topics even after that week has passed.”
– Martha Zegarra

Engaging professors beyond classroom presentations can lead to, “interesting conversation, can introduce you to a new interest, and give you an idea of how lives can be varied and successful.  Simple questions about their background, weekend plans, or opinions on matters can go a long way.”
– Martha Zegarra

“It is crucial that you set up a schedule of how you will be communicating through face-to-face meetings as well as e-mail correspondence, to begin with. Instead of only going to your newfound mentor when problems arise, respect your professor by maintaining contact throughout periods of slow progress to guarantee they are not given the impression that you are avoiding them.”
– Best Value Schools


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