Faculty Opinion Article on the Weak Legal Case Against Trump

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The Khaleej Times published an article regarding the weak legal case against Trump in the recent impeachment trial. It was authored by Dr. Sandeep Gopalan of Carolina University. He writes:

58-52; 57-53. That’s the final scorecard in the highest stakes gladiatorial sport in the world – taking down the president of the United States. In this game of thrones, the incumbent had a happy ending and President Donald Trump was acquitted by the Senate in a largely party-line vote. Democrats needed 67 votes to convict and remove him from office, but they fell far short as Republican kingmaker Mitch McConnell managed his flock adroitly and delivered a victory for Trump.

One Response

  1. This is sad when someone take sides with a very corrupt man. Where is being kind, tendered toward people in all of this.

    This president touches on women, he take parents away from children, he uses idiotic dialect. He Is not respectful and of anybody or anything. Is this what we teach in school? Is this the model and example of a man? Is this the standard for the world?

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