Changing Your Mindset, If Not Yet Your Setting

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Right now, our surroundings are not changing very much. This can be a stressful aspect of sheltering in place without as much interaction and novelty as we are used to. The way our different roles, like work and play, balance each help steady our mental health.

Catching director James Gray’s playfulness, even on serious material, Nathan Heller in The New Yorker notes that humor seems to aid the digestion of the soul.

“Work is the creation of value. Play is the creation of value that is not necessary.” Dallas Willard

God’s perfect plan always included human beings living in a constant cycle of work and rest.  Timothy Keller, Every Good Endeavor

“Leisure is not the mere absence of work, but an attitude of mind in which you are able to contemplate and enjoy things as they are.”  Timothy Keller, Every Good Endeavor, paraphrasing Josef Pieper, “Leisure, the Basis of Culture”

“If all the year were playing holidays, To sport would be as tedious as to work; But when they seldom come, they wish’d for come, And nothing pleaseth but rare accidents.” William Shakespeare, Henry IV, part I

“Leisure is necessary for the development of virtue and the performance of duties.” Aristotle, Politics

As both leisure and work can give shape to our dreams, perhaps you have gotten some clarity on what comes next after CU. Perhaps Career Services can help you form a plan, or channel your passion and play into career possibilities. Email Brian today at

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