Westford Education Group/Exeed College and Carolina University Partnership

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Westford Education Group (WEG) and Carolina University (CU) are pleased to announce an agreement to offer nine graduate programs internationally. Six MBA track programs, a Master of Education, a Master of Nursing, and more as constituting the new partnership offerings. WEG will recruit and admit students, teaching them up to the second year of the program, with CU completing the delivery of the programs and issuing the degrees. This is a significant transnational provisioning agreement which will offer the WEG/CU completion programs throughout the 113 countries currently served by WEG.

“This may be the largest single offering for an American university in a transnational partnership in the Gulf Coast region,” stated Firoz , CEO of the Westford Education Group. “We are thrilled to be leading the pack in partnerships that open doors for international students.”

“American universities are starting to understand that reaching international markets is simpler with local partners who know the regions and the learners in them. Transnational education can be more than just hiring recruiters and putting students on the plane. This collaborative approach supports students in the communities that can benefit the most from an American education,” stated William Painter, Dean, Westford Education Group.

“This partnership between Carolina University and WEG is a win-win for students from the Middle East and broader MENA region because it offers the same exceptional quality education available to our Winston-Salem, NC students with the added affordability and flexibility. It enables students to gain in-demand capabilities in exciting areas such as public health and data science,” stated Dr. Sandeep Gopalan, Executive VP for Academic Affairs & International at Carolina University.

Student intakes will begin in late Summer as selected programs are rolled out. For more information contact admissions@carolinau.edu

Westford Education Group (WEG) is a leading provider of accredited international education to aspiring learners across the globe. Westford is fast emerging as a reputed brand of global education providers. WEG comprises multiple verticals for Higher Education. Carolina University is proud to partner with WEG to continue its mission in offering quality educational opportunities for a growing global market.   

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