Sheriff Rogers Emphasizes Respect, Diversity

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Danny Rogers, the Sheriff of Guilford Co., addressed the inaugural session of the PhD Leadership program on August 3rd and gave the students riveting insights about his own journey as a leader.

Sheriff Rogers made history when he was elected as the first African-American sheriff of Guilford County in 2018. He ousted an incumbent of 24 years in the process. Rogers spoke about overcoming sceptics during his election campaign and not giving up despite adversity. He detailed his journey in the police department and the role of mentors in enabling his career progression. Since taking office, Rogers has been instrumental in changing policies and bridging the divide between law enforcement and the community.

Referring to the Black Lives Matter movement and the protests across the country and specifically in the city of Greensboro, Rogers told students that he respected the right to peaceful protest but would enforce the law against those resorting to violence. He also stressed that policing ought to be reformed rather than defunded.

Sheriff Rogers made a plea for greater respect amongst different racial groups and explained how he had implemented diversity practices in hiring to change the composition of his workforce. His initiatives had resulted in previously under-represented minority groups receiving support to enhance their capabilities to serve the community.

Carolina University students posed a number of questions about how Rogers was implementing change and participated in a dialogue about achieving results amidst entrenched prejudices.

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