12 Days of Giving Tuesday: MS Nursing

12 Days of Giving Tuesday_Day 5
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🎡 …And on the 5th day of giving, my CU gave to me…an MS in Nursing… 🎡

Carolina University Trustee Mark Steele, President and CEO of Salemtowne, a leading Community Care Retirement Community in Winston-Salem, NC, shares the benefits of completing a MS in Nursing and the many options available to someone with this degree.  Suzanne Cramer, CPNP Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in Emergency Medicine for Wake Forest Baptist also tells how an MS Nursing degree has allowed her to provide for her family as a working mom and how she has the opportunity to give back to the community.

As we share Day 5 of the 12 Days of Giving Tuesday, we hope that you enjoyed hearing about our fifth featured degree program, the MS Nursing. Will you be a part of Giving Tuesday at CU as we work together to prepare prospective students who can earn an MS in Nursing and change their world like Suzanne? As an institution, we are committed to providing financial aid that makes a difference. Did you know that CU gives away over $2.5 million in institutional financial aid to support our students each year? Click the Give Now button below and give a tax deductible gift today.

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