12 Days of Giving Tuesday: BA Esports

12 Days of Giving Tuesday_Day 10
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🎵 …And on the 10th day of giving, my CU gave to me…a BA in Esports… 🎵

Michael Key, CU alumnus and last year’s league MVP in the world of NBA2K, is head coach of the Esports team. Esports is an exploding industry that brought in more total revenues last year than both the film and music industry combined. Our degree will train students for a career in one of the most exciting and dynamic industries on the planet.

As we launch Day 10 of the 12 Days of Giving Tuesday, we hope that you enjoyed hearing about our tenth featured degree program, the BA Esports. At CU, we give away over $2.5 million in institutional financial aid to support our students each year. Will you be a part of Giving Tuesday and help CU provide critical funding that will impact the lives of our students? Click the Give Now button below and give today.

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