Academic Spotlight: Leadership & Business

Collaboration in a Virtual Age
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Join our Brown Bag Seminars on the Topic of Leadership Today

Authors Dr. Jie Guo & Dr. Danqing Yu
John Wesley School of Leadership

At Carolina University, the Leadership Department is excited to announce the virtual Brown Bag Seminars. These virtual gatherings are for research idea-sharing and academic conversation regarding recent journal articles and research. The primary purpose of Brown Bag is to provide an opportunity for current graduate students to present and share their research ideas and get prompt feedback/comments from professors in leadership and sociology fields. Students may share their current research projects, work for a dissertation, or research ideas at an early stage to get feedback. Professionals and other departments are also welcomed to present their research works and seek collaborations in these seminars.

Brown Bag seminars are open to current PhD and Graduate students and prospective students who are interested and apply for the PhD program in leadership and organizational studies. Students and people from the community can access and join the seminars for free. Each session lasts one hour; forty-minute presentation and twenty-minute Q&A. Brown Bag Seminars seek to promote a culture of collaboration and critical thinking through academic communication and sharing by scholars and students from both within and outside the leadership field.      

Current Skill Trends in the Business Market

Author Dr. Tiphanie Magne
Patterson School of Business 

In its recent Corporate Recruiters Survey, the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) reported that recruiters are predicting a growing demand for the next five years of three main skills: managing strategy and innovation, managing tools and technology, and interpersonal skills.

Such professional skills are actively developed and emphasized in the various business programs offered by the Patterson School of Business at Carolina University through courses such as Organizational Behavior, Business Analytics (BA program), Marketing for Results, and Human Resources Management (MBA in Organizational Leadership).

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