Creating Connection During COVID

Creating Moments of Connection: Student Activities Latest Updates
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“Semper Gumby.” an old friend once said to me. “Always remain flexible.” During this challenging time, no words ring truer. For Carolina University as a whole, we can latch on to that phrase as the defining piece of our last eleven months. Here in Student Activities, it has become our mantra – our lifestyle, if you will.
Whether it’s through hosting Open House-style activities, creating Valentine’s Day cards for kids at Brenner’s Children’s Hospital, or hosting “Interviewin’ the Bruin” on our Instagram (@cucampus_life), we are looking for every opportunity to engage with our student body safely. As we look toward the future, we strive to establish a long-term foundation while remaining committed to the “here and now.” Here are three ways we’re doing that:

  1. Providing a safe environment for our students to live and enjoy their time as college students. This pandemic has created obstacles, but we’re proficient in hurdling. 2. Listening to our students and giving them the chance to lead. Whether it’s through daily conversation(s) or by establishing the C.A.B. (Campus Activities Board), this is their world, and we are here to help shape it.
  2. Involving CarolinaU in the local community but also in our campus community. We are focused on intentionally meeting our campus’s needs and Winston-Salem spiritually, physically, and emotionally.
    Follow us on Instagram (@cucampus_life) to keep up with our daily happenings. We’re excited for what is to come for CarolinaU and for the opportunity we have to help impact that future.

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