Creating Pathways for Judson College Students

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Carolina University is keen to serve current students and recent graduates of Judson College as they cope with the sad closure of Judson.  In this time of anxiety, Carolina University has an open door for students to transfer their credits in their program of study to graduate early and without debt. Carolina University’s average annual tuition in 2020 was less than $5000 after scholarships – one of the most affordable in the country.

We welcome students to one of our many career-focused degree programs in business, biology, nursing, engineering, psychology, criminal justice, Bible, sociology, education, computer science, public health, leadership, etc. 

Transferring students from Judson will get a quality education with world-class faculty who are leaders in their subject matter with hands-on experience in the workforce.  Our faculty includes a former Congressman, 2 and 3-star Generals in the US military, former ambassadors of countries, former cabinet ministers, healthcare executives, law enforcement leaders, etc.

All transferring Judson College students will get an automatic 50% tuition scholarship. Students with high GPAs may qualify for additional academic scholarships, up to a full tuition waiver. A student with a 4.0 GPA may be eligible for a full-tuition scholarship.

Carolina University is now one of the fastest-growing universities in the United States percentage-wise, with a 40% increase in new enrollment this year, and applications are now being received in record numbers. One of the reasons for the growth is that CU is known for being fast, affordable, and flexible. The university prioritizes the delivery of exceptional degrees at very affordable tuition prices via scholarships and generous donations to facilitate upward socio-economic mobility.

CU is on the cutting edge of online delivery and offers excellent flexibility between online, on-campus, and hybrid models. Full-time students take only two to three courses at a time without sacrificing speed with our 7-week course structure. Students also enjoy the benefit of speed at CU by paying one low annual tuition and typically earning 39 credits per year. That enables a student to earn credits for fall and spring and a few in the summer and complete their four-year degree in three years. 

Judson College students are invited to take a look at CU Academic Programs at and email or call 336-714-7922 for more information. 

We look forward to serving Judson College students.

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