Ph.D. candidates in lecture
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Dr. Danqing Yu
Assistant Professor
John Wesley School of Leadership

Hello! We hope everyone is having a safe and fun summer. As we march towards an exciting new academic year, we want to share something equally exciting happening on our campus next month. 

The school of leadership will be holding the annual Ph.D. residency on August 9 – 12, 2021 on the Carolina University campus. This year’s program provides unprecedented opportunities for our participants to learn from distinguished guests who are leaders in government, business, military, politics, and elite professional sports. The event is open to new and returning Ph.D. in Leadership students and alumni in the School of Leadership.

The number of unique learning opportunities, as well as the chance to interact and share ideas with peers and leaders, makes it a perfect way to start the Fall semester. Our distinguished guests include a former head-of-state, senior government, and military leaders, and it promises to be an absolute privilege to learn from them in a personal setting on the Carolina University campus. Additionally, this year’s residency will provide sessions for returning students on various academic skill sets. For example, there will be opportunities for a one-on-one consultation with faculty on all questions pertaining to research proposals, research methods, and theories, IRB applications, etc. There will be ample collaborative learning opportunities to discuss these questions with your peers and learn from their experiences and insights. 

The residency facilitates unique face-to-face interactions with full-time and working professionals to share ideas with faculty and peers about the program’s processes and challenges. These interactions are sure to complement the virtual learning environment and allow students to be inspired and propelled forward in their Ph.D. studies.

We strongly encourage all of you to attend! 

Please contact Trudy Owens ( if you have questions.

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