Forthcoming Publication from the Department of Sociology

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Dr. Oehmen‘s first-authored book chapter has been accepted into an edited volume with the theme of commodification and embodiment. The chapter is derived from Dr. Oehmen’s ethnographic research, including almost two years of participating observation and semi-structured in-depth interviews. In this piece, Dr. Oehmen and her co-author explore the ways in which stigma operates differently across social location and local context to shape understandings of the body as a site of resistance. The chapter also explores the ways in which research participants develop strategies to negotiate the intersections of embodied stigma and the role of exchange relations in this process. Overall, Dr. Oehmen and her co-author find support for an intersectional, contextually-situated understanding of social behavior, wherein the same behavior is uniquely shaped by participants’ background and constraints that can only be understood in the context of their lived experience.

Dr. Oehmen is happy to discuss this, any other forthcoming work, and/or the Bachelor of Arts in Sociology at Carolina University! You can visit her office, 303 Deeds Hall, any Thursday this session from 11am-1pm EST or email her at

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