Shahn Wilburn
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Pastor Shahn Wilburn attended Piedmont College between 1979-1981. He pastored Riverview
Baptist church for 40 years, and after much thought and prayer, Pastor Wilburn and Riverview
Baptist Church had a vision and commitment toward Christian education and opened the doors
of Jefferson Christian Academy in the fall of 1994 with 24 students from kindergarten through
fourth grade and only three teachers. 

Riverview Baptist Church developed strong youth programs, Children’s Church, AWANA, and Sunday school ministries. He was passionate about seeing our children hear about God in all aspects of education. He retired in October 2020. Pastor Wilburn has also served on the Board of Trustees here at Carolina University since 1988 and served as chairman for about 25 of those years. Pastor Wilburn is currently representing Bible Open Air Mission in the United States part-time.

Please join us on Friday at 10:45 am at Christ Moravian Church (919 West Academy Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27101).


  • Chapel is required for all Undergraduate Main Campus students (residents & commuters). 
  • Any meeting or activity scheduled during Chapel must be approved by the Dean of Students in advance. 
  • No food or drink is permitted during Chapel services. 

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