Remembering George Rawlings

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George Rawlings (December 28, 1945 – March 16, 2023) was a very special friend and supporter of Carolina University. According to his online obituary, George was born in Tyler, Texas to Dr. John William Rawlings and his wife Orelia Willie Mobley Rawlings. In 1966, George married his high school sweetheart, Beverly. After a short time as a partner in a local law firm, George founded The Rawlings Group in 1977. Throughout the Company’s history of innovation and expertise, George guided The Rawlings Group by “the Golden Rule” – “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Quietly in the background of George’s tremendous success in business and sports, his philanthropic activities were his greatest achievement. In 2000, George and his family founded The Rawlings Foundation, Inc. The purpose of the Foundation is to further the advancement of Christian education, values and teachings around the world, and to support those in need in local communities. To make this happen, the Foundation built and operates eleven evangelistic camps in Latin America, Asia and Africa. 400,000 young people came to know Christ in 2022 through the Foundation’s ministry, supported by countless pastors, missionaries and volunteers. The organization also operates a community center in La Grange, Kentucky, and provides substantial financial support to non-profit organizations throughout the U.S., including Christian universities and healthcare research facilities. Throughout his lifetime, George Rawlings was a devoted husband, son and brother, a brilliant entrepreneur, and a humble philanthropist. He enhanced the lives of millions of people through the Foundation and businesses that he built. His legacy of giving and excellence will be felt for many years to come.

Kentucky’s House of Representatives has issued this Citation of Adjournment in special recognition of George’s life and faithful legacy.

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