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Announcing our New Name

On June 24, 2020 the Piedmont International University Board of Trustees voted to change the University’s name from Piedmont International University to Carolina University. It


President’s Diversity Scholarship

Carolina University has a long history of providing support and access to all students seeking to further their education. We believe that access to education


Honoring the Life of Lucille Bowman

Lucille Bowman, faithful servant of Jesus Christ and lifelong ministry partner with her husband, Dr. Hoyle Bowman, passed away on May 27, 2020. The Bowmans

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Get off the Job-Search Junk Food Diet

How you present yourself for that first professional opportunity can be crucial. Alexa Shoen offers some tips in this interview running about five minutes. We

Career Services

Lasting Communication Lessons

Even before the pandemic enforced social distancing, interviewing could feel tense and unnatural. In the current video medium, presenting yourself well definitely requires preparation. Consider

Career Services

Building Career Fitness

The current job market can make us anxious, reactive, even desperate. But, by faith, the slowdown it has caused can also give us time to