The Twelve Days of Giving Tuesday

12 Days Summary
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GivingTuesday was launched seven years ago with a simple goal of designating a special day every year to encourage people to change the world through generosity. This year those of us at Carolina University decided to have some fun with it by rolling out the Twelve Days of Giving Tuesday. We haven’t tried to sing it yet, but the lyrics go something like this.

On the Twelve Days of Giving Tuesday, my Piedmont shared with me:

  1. ONE overarching strategic goal; aggressively preparing to apply for regional accreditation with The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). [Read Details]
  2. TWO special anniversaries. Plans are being made to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Carolina University and the 117th anniversary of John Wesley University. [Read Details]
  3. THREE regional championships in three weeks – Go Bruins! [Read Details]
  4. FOUR new degree programs recently launched. CU launched four new bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Interdisciplinary Studies, and a Masters degree in Bible Exposition. We also expanded the Bible and Ministry programs with a new 36-hour MA in Biblical Studies with plans to soon add a scholarly ThM allowing transfer options into our PhD in Leadership. [Read Details]
  5. FIVE major languages – English, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese. [Read Details]
  6. SIX merged colleges and universities that make up the Piedmont family. Please read President Charles Petitt’s article about these historic mergers. [Read Details]
  7. SEVEN major campus renovations. [Read Details]
  8. EIGHT new academic programs launching soon. [Read Details]
  9. NINE scholarship athletic programs. [Read Details]
  10. TEN Alabama public school students. [Read Details]
  11. ELEVEN law enforcement partnerships, agreements, and relationships. [Read Details]
  12. TWELVE months in which CU set the all time enrollment record with 1,077 students over the 2018-2019 academic year. [Read Details]

Hopefully, we will also celebrate TWELVE hundred wonderful friends who will bless us today with their generous gifts on this Giving Tuesday by pulling out their checkbooks and mailing a gift to CU at 420 South Broad Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27101 or giving online by clicking the button below.

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